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WakeUpDocklands London –
SUP Yoga Workshop – 18th June (no experience needed)
Come and join us on the water and challenge yourself with some SUPyoga!

If you have an interest in yoga, a sense of adventure and up for trying something a little bit different this is for you. A one day workshop spent on the water learning SUP skills, water safety and practicing the art of SUPyoga.

Essentially SUP Yoga combines yoga postures with Stand Up Paddle Boarding, the board playing the part of the yoga mat.

Who can take part?
Everyone welcome – no experience needed, all we ask is that you can swim 50 meters and comfortable in the water.
You don’t need to be a Yoga pro to get involved, with The SUPyoga Workshop you will start with basic poses on land, before transferring them to the boards! And if you have have never stepped foot on a SUP before, fear not, we will teach you all you need to know, so you feel comfortable and confident on the water, before moving about and trying a few poses.
Why not give it a try and see if you love it as much as we do. The worst that can happen is that you might get wet!

For more information or to book contact: // 07889041871


*SUP Yoga Teacher Training – 19th June *

The SUP Yoga Instructor Course aims to enable yoga professionals to teach safe and effective yoga classes using the Stand Up Paddle Board as a yoga mat, improving the client’s health and fitness through SUPyoga.

The course will provide you with the knowledge to teach SUP Yoga classes in a variety of environments, giving you the skills to assess your chosen SUP Yoga location, ensuring the safety of your clients and how to adapt sessions in different weather conditions.

You will receive practical information that will assist you in gaining a better understanding of how SUP Yoga can improve balance, core stability, strength and proprioception.

The goal of this course is to provide fitness professionals with the most up to date, accurate information and methods using Stand Up Paddle Boards as a fitness tool.

Our Continued Professional Development (CPD) training provides training and education that enables you to develop your knowledge and skills in your work.

For more information or to book contact: // 07889041871


What is Paddle Out LOUD?


Paddle Out LOUD is a fancy-dress, charity paddle event to raise awareness of people struggling with their mental health, and to raise money for surf therapy charity, The Wave Project.

Join us for a challenging paddle in some of the UK’s most stunning locations, Hundreds of people will be paddling up to five miles in one of eight locations all around the UK. You can paddle on anything that floats (as long as it’s safe) and the dress code is LOUD! Don’t worry it’s not a race, you can paddle at your own pace, the most important thing is having fun!

More than just a fancy dress paddle pinkgreenorange-01

Yes, it’s going to be an epic amount of fun. And yes you’ll get to paddle in some pretty cool places. But Paddle Out LOUD is about more than that. Your hard work and fundraising will help change the lives of hundreds of vulnerable children and young people…

In London, you’ll be paddling five miles around Docklands with some of the capital’s most iconic landmarks as your backdrop. And as you’d expect, the afterparty is going to be pretty epic too, with a BBQ at The Shack.

START TIME: 10:00am

Click here to > RESERVE YOUR SPOT

paddle out loud

Indo Board @ O’Neill Bus tour , East Wittering.

The Great O’Neill Bus Tour which has worked its way through France and most of the South West UK is all set to hit East Wittering on the 23rd and 24th of August. On the evening of the 23rd we have an Outdoor Cinema planned for outside the store and some live music. While on the following day (24th August) the O’Neill tour “Today is Perfect” with team rider Ben Skinner will be parked at the End of Shore Road for Pro Coaching Sessions, Free SUP and Wetsuit Demos. Indo Board Tricks comp and Indo Board Yoga with  Nichola.
Saturday 23rd of August:
Arrival afternoon
– 18:00 Acoustic Band
– approx 20:30 (sunset is around 20:00 that day): Movie Screening of a classic surf movie: Big Wednesday
Sunday, August 24th:
Beach Day
Set up finish: 8:00 am: Start 9:00 am – 16:30
– O’Neill Wetsuits Demo (all day) Location: @Bus
– Pro Coaching with Ben Skinner (Ben said no prob to do something on flat water)(10:30 – 12:00)
  Location: on Bus or on Beach
– Paddle Board Race: we provide prizes: Meeting Point:  12:30 – 14:00 (sign up at ten) Prize giving at 16:00
– Board Workshop with Ben : 14:30-15:15: Bus or beach
– Indo Board Tricks Competitions through out the day with prizes
– Indo Yoga Board Workshops with Nichola Cummiskey.

SUP Yoga with Lululemon

BY Jen Slater of

Triathlon to trapeze and anything in between. A fitness blog about not keeping still and trying everything once.

Yoga isn’t relaxing. You sit your stiff, inflexible body on the floor then force it into bizarre positions, whilst someone dictates when to breathe and you try not to get stuck or fall on your face. Yet the suggestion of doing it on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) with SurfSUPfityoga and Lululemon, where the struggle to stay up-right or down-dog would be even greater, seemed to be the recipe for bliss. There’s something I find so relaxing about water – waves licking rocks, ripples kissing jetties and buoys bobbing in satisfaction – if there was ever a moment I’d finally relax into yoga, it would be now.


With my bum pointed to the sky, hands white from gripping the board as wake from a passing boat threatened to knock us off balance, you wouldn’t have known I was relaxed but my love of water made me feel comfortable. Knowing that there was a softer surface below gave me the confidence to try poses I’d normally avoid. Besides a foam pit, what could cushion a failed attempt at crow better than water? No, it won’t be subtle – the splashes and splutters (and squelches after reaching land) will ensure the whole class and anyone watching would know I fell in – but at least I’d get to keep all my teeth! As our instructor quickly pointed out, the only thing that happens if you fall in is you get wet.


The boards were far more stable than I’d predicted and each was clipped onto a buoy so we didn’t drift down the river. The few little wobbles I had only shook out a few laughs and also helped to relax my mind – rather than worrying about not being able to hold the poses, I was just pleased to not have gone for an unintentional swim. I only realised how much the extra balancing had worked my core when I woke up the next day with achey abs. No matter how relaxing I found the session, it definitely still had the benefit of a full workout.


The one part of a yoga class I’ve mastered, is savasana. There’s something freeing about lying on the floor with your eyes closed until you forget where you are and the gentle movement of the river just helped to rock me into an almost sleep – my body dreamed of tropical beaches, bath-warm oceans and piña coladas. I’d found my yoga zen.


If you fancy finding your aqua zen, find out more information on the SurfSUPfityoga Facebook page here.



Indo Board Yoga @ O’neill Bus tour with Surf Girl magazine.

Indo Board Yoga master trainer, Nichola Cummiskey is going to be with the O’neill bus tour this weekend at Mawgan Porth.

Surf Girl magazine is organising the Sunday event and Nichola will be demonstrating at 12pm and 2pm the new Indo Yoga board and Indo Fitness classes.  Come along if you can, as there will be lots to see and take part in.


Posted on  by SurfGirl
It is only a few days to go until Waves and Workouts Weekend! We will all be basking (hopefully) in  sunshine at beautiful Mawgan Porth ready for an amazing couple of days of surfing, beach fitness, yoga, massage workshops, foraging, talks and some fun night life at Retorrick Mill. But don’t worry there will also be plenty of time to chill out and relax with the girls and there’s also a goody bag too! What could be better?


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