Indo Board


Designed by Hunter Joslin, an avid user of balance boards since 1965. The Indo Board Balance Trainers are simple, stable, and user friendly.
Anyone can ride with a few basic instructions and something or someone to hold on to for support.
The learning curve is 10 to 15 minutes for most, after that, Indoboarding becomes routinely easy and fun.


The Indo Board Balance Trainers are the most versatile balance boards around. Originally designed for surf balance training in the 1970’s by surfer Hunter Joslin, the simplicity of Indo Board has enabled it to become a truly multifunctional fitness tool – Most importantly it is FUN!

The Indo Board consists of a wooden deck placed upon a roller, or cushion and can be used either for serious workouts, or just for FUN. Whatever your motivation for using the Indo Board, the end result is the same; increased core strength, leg strength, balance and coordination.

Its versatility makes the Indo Board a great cross training tool for a variety of sports; from extreme boardsports, to all mainstream sports that require agility and innate balance coordination.
The Indo Board continues to evolve and the list of exercises, moves and enjoyable tricks that can be performed is perpetually growing.

It’s up to you to decide how far you get Indo it!



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